My Story…

So, this is new… and a little outside of my comfort zone, but here I am!

I used the word “reluctantly” earlier to describe my new life transition that I find myself in. That’s because I’m not the one choosing this change. In a way, it’s being forced upon me. In my struggle to stay afloat, I am finding that the worst part is the overwhelming loneliness that seems to come with this new territory. And in this gigantic world with all of these possibilities to connect, I shouldn’t feel that way, right? Surely there is someone else just like me, going through this exact same thing. Where is she? How can we help one another?

I’ve decided to start this blog to share my story, be as open and brutally honest as possible and in the end, hope to connect others going through life changes of their own.

We all have a story… This is mine.

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