A Calming Bath…

So yesterday was a little heavy, right? I was terrified to write that part and equally as terrified, if not more so, for people to read it. Let’s lighten it up!

I branched out of my comfort zone a bit yesterday and went to a experience a “sound bath”. I’m open to just about anything to help with mental clarity at this point. I went alone, which that in itself is huge for me. I don’t like to do anything alone… But I did it! I really didn’t even know what a sound bath was, but I had a girlfriend share about her experience with me and how healing it was for her. This session was on the beach, which is my most favorite place, so that alone made the trip worthwhile. Plus, I didn’t have anything to lose, so I made myself go. In the end, I’m so glad that I did!

I walked up the beach to a group of people laying down in a circle around the bowls and gong. They had their pillows, blankets and eye masks. I felt very under-prepared! I found a spot and chatted with a lady next to me, telling her I’ve never been before, who kindly told me what to expect. Essentially, you just lie down for an hour, relax and let the sounds relax your mind to allow for deeper and easier meditation. Given all of the changes going on, I found it very difficult to quiet my mind. I was actually never able to during the entire hour. I would love to give it another try in the future when I’m in a better state of mind. Although I definitely felt more relaxed on the drive back home.

I’ve always been open to exploring new and different ways to achieve relaxation, clarity and better health. I really enjoyed this experience and couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening. I think that this could certainly be beneficial for anyone trying to navigate through a challenging time.

What unconventional things do you try to improve your own mental health?

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