Thank You For Being A Friend…

Most of the time, it’s tough to see any bright side to all of this. But if there is one, it’s the support that I’ve been shown by those around me who I’ve shared my story with. It’s just about the only thing getting me through it all. From friends who have always been there, to those who are rather new, and of course my sisters and mom, all have opened their arms, homes and hearts to me. When I have a day that I don’t feel like I’ll survive, all it takes is a simple text, call or invitation to happy hour to turn my day around. Just knowing that someone is thinking of you can be all it takes. I’ve been shown that kind of love and support from many women in the short time that I’ve had to adjust to this “new” life of mine. That just goes to show you the power of words, thoughts, and even memes!

When I think about the moments of total loneliness and abandonment that I’ve experienced, the only light I have is in KNOWING that I’m not alone. That’s where my drive comes from to write and publish my story. I want to share to provide some therapy for myself, but also to be a support to someone else out there going through a difficult time of their own. You aren’t alone. There are people who love you and support you. The tough time won’t last forever. Things will get better. There is a light at the end. It’s easy to lose sight of that – I certainly feel like I do most days, but try to remain hopeful. That’s something that a new friend helped me with last night… there is always hope.

So stay strong ladies! It’s ok to have a bad day, but reach out to get help when you need it. There is far less judgement than you think! That’s definitely something that I struggle with – assuming there will be judgement when in reality, there’s only love and support. And if you’re having a great day, reach out to a girlfriend who maybe has been struggling a bit lately. You have no idea how much she might need it.

Thanks to my girlfriends who have been a saving grace for me these last several weeks. I wouldn’t be here without any of you!

❤ Darby, Marisa, Heidi, Haley, Katherine, Jennifer and of course Mom ❤

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